Annealed Glass | Tempered Glass | Laminated (Lexan/Plexiglass) | Insulated Glass

We have 4 different types of glass available for our customers. Each glass is used for different purposes. Whether you want to replace a window glass, to add glass to furniture, need a door glass replacement, we can help.


1/8" Mirror | ¼" Mirror | Beveled Mirror

We have 2 thicknesses of mirror available in store that we can custom cut to the size and shape you need. 1/8" mirror is typically used for frames and 1/4" mirror is used most often for mirror mounted directly to walls. We can custom cut your mirror to accommodate lights, outlets, and fixtures.

Door & Window Glass Replacement

Lexan | Plexiglass

We can repair single pane windows & double pane sliders in our shop. You can leave your double pane slider in our shop or take it home while the glass is on order.